Feel like venturing deep into the realm of science or getting the latest on some pretty controversial stuff in the physics community? Here we go: Through the use of Caesium 133 – an isotope of the element Caesium – a second has been defined as the time which elapses between the 9,192,631,770 cycles of radiation Read more about ATOMIC CLOCKS & DARK MATTER[…]

The Fall of the Pebble, A Kink in the SmartWatch

While one might not say the SmartWatch is dead you could most certainly recognize where the hype has hit a wall. Take a look at Pebble, the original do-gooders of the SmartWatch market, throwing in the towel and selling the majority of their intellectual property to the fun-loving, fitness fanatics over at FitBit. According to Read more about The Fall of the Pebble, A Kink in the SmartWatch[…]

New Collector?

We get asked all the time, “what is the best watch brand on the market?” To some, it’s the Rolex for their iconic name. For others, it’s the Omega for their reputation of deep sea diving watches. The truth is, however, that all of the brands we carry are of superior quality, and each brand Read more about New Collector?[…]