LONGINES: Elegance, Tradition, and Performance

Longines has been a pioneer in the Swiss industry since its founding in Saint-Imier by Auguste Agassiz in 1832. Agassiz and his watchmaking partners started their business making pocket watches with crown wheel escapements, which is the earliest known mechanism that allows the gears to progress at regular intervals (essentially, the “tick”) similar to the Read more about LONGINES: Elegance, Tradition, and Performance[…]

Choosing an Entry-Level Luxury Men’s Watch

So you’ve decided it’s time to finally enter the world of masculinity and join the ranks of great men who never leave the house without a trusty timepiece. Chances are the first wristwatch you buy isn’t going to be a Rolex, but an entry level luxury watch that is both aesthetically beautiful and useful. Many Read more about Choosing an Entry-Level Luxury Men’s Watch[…]

Why Every Man Should Wear a Watch

In today’s society it’s not uncommon for people to use their phone as a primary source for telling time. However, when you rely solely on your phone to tell the time a negative message is typically sent. It’s not polite, when sitting or conversing with a person, to pull out you phone, turn it on Read more about Why Every Man Should Wear a Watch[…]