What’s Your Favorite Metal?

Metal is among mankind’s most earth-shattering discoveries. Harnessed from the earth and perfected in fire, it can be shaped, molded, and mixed into alloys for a whole host of applications ranging from skyscrapers to timepieces. Take gold, for example. It’s been valued as one of the most precious metals on earth, captivating our imagination since Read more about What’s Your Favorite Metal?[…]


Feel like venturing deep into the realm of science or getting the latest on some pretty controversial stuff in the physics community? Here we go: Through the use of Caesium 133 – an isotope of the element Caesium – a second has been defined as the time which elapses between the 9,192,631,770 cycles of radiation Read more about ATOMIC CLOCKS & DARK MATTER[…]

Tudor Fastrider Chrono 42010N

There’s something beautiful about an open road, stretching for miles ahead with no end in sight. It calls forth a feeling of infinite possibility and adventure. The carefree feeling of having the wind in your face as you travel towards new and exciting places liberates the soul. Through their collaboration with Italian motorcycle company Ducati, Read more about Tudor Fastrider Chrono 42010N[…]