ROLEX at the Academy Awards, 2017

In early February, Rolex announced their sponsorship of the 89th Academy Awards, which aired on Sunday, February 26th. In celebration of the brand’s historical legacy of appearing on the big screen, Rolex aired a 1-minute montage entitled “Celebrating Cinema” showcasing their watches appearing in memorable movie moments. Interestingly enough, these actors were not paid to Read more about ROLEX at the Academy Awards, 2017[…]

What’s Your Favorite Metal?

Metal is among mankind’s most earth-shattering discoveries. Harnessed from the earth and perfected in fire, it can be shaped, molded, and mixed into alloys for a whole host of applications ranging from skyscrapers to timepieces. Take gold, for example. It’s been valued as one of the most precious metals on earth, captivating our imagination since Read more about What’s Your Favorite Metal?[…]

So How is the Market on High-End Watches?

Swiss watches have always held appeal in the public view as a symbol of one’s status in life. Owning such a high-end luxury item has often been equated with one’s affluence and success. However, a recent article on by Caitlin Huston about the watch industry has shown that Swiss watches are in decline. The Read more about So How is the Market on High-End Watches?[…]