ROLEX at the Academy Awards, 2017

In early February, Rolex announced their sponsorship of the 89th Academy Awards, which aired on Sunday, February 26th. In celebration of the brand’s historical legacy of appearing on the big screen, Rolex aired a 1-minute montage entitled “Celebrating Cinema” showcasing their watches appearing in memorable movie moments. Interestingly enough, these actors were not paid to Read more about ROLEX at the Academy Awards, 2017[…]

The Timepieces of James Bond

Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. Watch lovers want his watches. In all of his forms from the page to the screen, James Bond has been as particular about his watches as he is about his martinis. Ever since Ian Fleming created the classy secret agent in his 1953 novel Read more about The Timepieces of James Bond[…]

The Pursuit of Mechanical Perfection

Mechanically-powered watches have never achieved the consistent, nearly 100% accuracy that is found in electronic movements. Most first-time buyers are unaware of this fact. “I spent $5,000 on a watch that can’t even keep time properly!?!” That’s absolutely right. The first lesson of buying a luxury watch: a $20 digital Casio is going to keep Read more about The Pursuit of Mechanical Perfection[…]