Breitling Breakdown

  The Breitling Exospace B55 is equipped with just about any feature a consumer is looking for in a luxury timepiece.  These features are tailored to suit the needs of pilots, but the watch is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a very precise and modern timepiece.  The Exospace B55 is Bluetooth compatible and Read more about Breitling Breakdown[…]

The Fall of the Pebble, A Kink in the SmartWatch

While one might not say the SmartWatch is dead you could most certainly recognize where the hype has hit a wall. Take a look at Pebble, the original do-gooders of the SmartWatch market, throwing in the towel and selling the majority of their intellectual property to the fun-loving, fitness fanatics over at FitBit. According to Read more about The Fall of the Pebble, A Kink in the SmartWatch[…]

So How is the Market on High-End Watches?

Swiss watches have always held appeal in the public view as a symbol of one’s status in life. Owning such a high-end luxury item has often been equated with one’s affluence and success. However, a recent article on by Caitlin Huston about the watch industry has shown that Swiss watches are in decline. The Read more about So How is the Market on High-End Watches?[…]

The Quartz Crisis – Then & Now

Then: Seiko Changed the Landscape If you know the luxury watch industry, you know that the name “Seiko” tends to make watch snobs shudder. The company is not based in Switzerland and doesn’t focus heavily on high-precision, mechanical movements. Seiko also pioneered the mass switch to battery operated quartz movements that crippled the Swiss watchmaking industry Read more about The Quartz Crisis – Then & Now[…]