The Fall of the Pebble, A Kink in the SmartWatch

While one might not say the SmartWatch is dead you could most certainly recognize where the hype has hit a wall.

Take a look at Pebble, the original do-gooders of the SmartWatch market, throwing in the towel and selling the majority of their intellectual property to the fun-loving, fitness fanatics over at FitBit. According to sources, such as those at the IDC, original projections stating the Apple Watch (& others) would climb in the time between 2015 to 2016 were sadly mistaken – as of this last year they’ve shared a 71.3% drop in sales; an overall of 51.6%.


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What you may be asking yourself is “why even draw the comparison?” You’re right, there really isn’t any between the old school and the new school. These tiny computers strapped to your wrist are essentially the less engrossing step-child of the Smartphones within reach of our curious fingertips. Though their tactile & app based improvements are always fast-coming and competitive (except for the Pebble… they’ll be busy sorting out refunds for their Kickstarter contributors) their luster tends to run out by the time you realize your power indicator has hit 2% and your hoping the 3rd party charger you ordered online last week doesn’t knock your battery life down by half the original guarantee period projected (… it probably will).

What’s important to remember when choosing a timepiece over a recent fad in electronics is that mechanical gadgets are more often than not dependable while your computer can glitch out entirely at any moment should you receive a call while it was attempting to update, again.



On the other hand, you might consider evolution a natural phenomenon and that it is only a matter of time until the smartwatches replicate & exterminate the pre-software driven world of caliber by jewel movements that have just “too many little parts to worry about” when it comes to the question of upkeep & overhauls.

Carefully, what we want to tell you is that no matter the trends or breakthroughs that occur on either end of the spectrum it is foolproof that the prestige of a quality time piece; the idea of a jeweler hard at work behind his magnifying glass; the complex ingenuity found by simply gazing in through the back of an exhibition case; will, forever more than likely, never falter.

Jason, Customer Service Rep


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