TAG Heuer Chinese Mars Expedition

TAG Heuer is renown as a manufacturer of high-end timepieces with stunning designs coupled with cutting edge technology. In keeping with that tradition, there are exciting new reports about the Swiss manufacturer revealing their intent to take part in an awe-inspiring leap into the future of mankind. It was announced on August 23rd, 2016 that TAG Heuer would be taking part in the Chinese Mars Exploration Program. The Chinese space program is currently in the planning stages of a new mission to explore the red planet using an unmanned Mars Rover in 2020. The mission objective is to study the planet’s soil, atmosphere, and environment using the most recent advances in technology, offering mankind new insight into our neighboring world.



Although not everyone will  immediately associate TAG Heuer with space travel, the Chinese Mars Exploration Program is not TAG Heuer’s first journey into space. In 1962, TAG Heuer was chosen above all other Swiss watch manufacturers to provide the stopwatch used by United States astronaut John Glenn. TAG Heuer’s timepieces were most notably recognized for their ability to withstand the high G-forces of lift-off and re-entry. A little known fact is that the story behind John Glenn’s watch is the origin of their current slogan “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”.

With their dedication to breaking technological barriers and proven mastery of design, TAG Heuer continues to be an inspiration, on this world and beyond.

— Jonine, Customer Service Rep

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