The Quartz Crisis – Then & Now

Then: Seiko Changed the Landscape If you know the luxury watch industry, you know that the name “Seiko” tends to make watch snobs shudder. The company is not based in Switzerland and doesn’t focus heavily on high-precision, mechanical movements. Seiko also pioneered the mass switch to battery operated quartz movements that crippled the Swiss watchmaking industry Read more about The Quartz Crisis – Then & Now[…]

My Fellow Watch-Lovers: Five Presidents with High-End Timepieces

Imagine your Commander-in-Chief standing gallantly before an array of onlookers. Are they thunderstruck by the nobility of his policies? Do they admire his values and his emphasis on education? Or do they just think he looks mighty fine and presidential? No doubt several crowd-members are looking at this president with admiration and glee, but while Read more about My Fellow Watch-Lovers: Five Presidents with High-End Timepieces[…]