Feel like venturing deep into the realm of science or getting the latest on some pretty controversial stuff in the physics community?

Here we go:

Through the use of Caesium 133 – an isotope of the element Caesium – a second has been defined as the time which elapses between the 9,192,631,770 cycles of radiation that are produced during the element’s transition between two energy levels… make sense?

This is the latest, most reliable inception of the atomic clock. Of course. it’s 100% accurate: well, technically, it will be off by a single second every hundred million years. That may seem insignificant, but in today’s technology-driven world, any variance can have catastrophic consequences.

Take modern technology as an example, with its complex systems ranging anywhere from telecommunication, navigation, and even the financial market, and how they weigh heavily on the measurement of such precious intervals. To get a better idea, picture a satellite crossing overhead which must be accurate within 1/100th of a microsecond in order to remain in orbit. Could get costly, couldn’t it?

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Today, scientist are not only using Atomic Clocks to synchronize our automatic watches, they are attempting to locate, or better explain, the existence of Dark Matter. Now Dark Matter, being entirely unproven and likely nothing more than filler (an unexplained phenomenon which may be helping to the keep the Universe from tearing itself apart) is theorized to cause notable delays in the motion of atoms. These interruptions may pass by or through the planet at anytime – there is no telling; they’re like the spooky phantoms of the atomic world.  When dark matter bombards an atomic clock, it is understandable that it’s effect would cause recognizable delays.

So the idea here is that by using a measurement of time we may notice what might be the most abundant and yet unidentifiable substance in the universe. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

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