LONGINES: Elegance, Tradition, and Performance

Longines has been a pioneer in the Swiss industry since its founding in Saint-Imier by Auguste Agassiz in 1832. Agassiz and his watchmaking partners started their business making pocket watches with crown wheel escapements, which is the earliest known mechanism that allows the gears to progress at regular intervals (essentially, the “tick”) similar to the Read more about LONGINES: Elegance, Tradition, and Performance[…]

What Makes a Swiss Watch… A Swiss Watch?

What makes a Swiss watch so special? Is it the way it looks? Is it the technology, or is it the simple fact that anything the Swiss touch (from banks to army knives to cheese) turns into magic? Swiss watches are diverse, unique, and extremely elegant to look at. Boasting some lengthy know-how, Switzerland has Read more about What Makes a Swiss Watch… A Swiss Watch?[…]