Choosing an Entry-Level Luxury Men’s Watch

So you’ve decided it’s time to finally enter the world of masculinity and join the ranks of great men who never leave the house without a trusty timepiece. Chances are the first wristwatch you buy isn’t going to be a Rolex, but an entry level luxury watch that is both aesthetically beautiful and useful. Many entry level luxury watches will range from $300 and above. It’s extremely important to not buy an entry level luxury watch blindly; consider the following when taking the plunge to buy your first luxury watch.

  • Solid Construction:  The best types of watches are generally constructed from solid metal. Steel watches designed from 316L stainless steel are commonly a great indication of a well-designed watch.
  • Movement: Switzerland and Japan are known for their quality watch movements. Many people debate which is better, but Swiss movement is often the most preferred type of watch movement. Movado watches feature Swiss movement and are constructed out of high-end materials. Japanese movement is commonly found on lower-priced watches such as Seiko and Citizen.
  • Sapphire Crystal: A sturdy watch should have a sapphire crystal covering over the face. A thick sapphire crystal face will last longer and be less likely to break.
  • Construction: A good entry level luxury watch should feel well made and also look as if it were designed for functionality and durability. A good way to tell if a watch is constructed well is by how much noise it makes when worn on the wrist. A poorly constructed watch will rattle loudly when the wrist is moved.

When purchasing your first watch, it always pays to invest a little more than usual in something that will last you for years to come. Start off with a more affordable brand like Movado or other comparable brands before you graduate to the big leagues!

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