Looking Back on the History of Tag Heuer Watches

In 1860 in St. Imier in the Swiss Jura Mountains, a man named Edouard Heuer started a watch making workshop. This workshop may have begun small, but it eventually turned into what we have come to know as Tag Heuer watches. Throughout the years Tag Heuer has achieved many accomplishments. These are just a few highlights and important dates throughout the history of Tag Heuer.
1869: Edouard patented one of the first crown winding mechanisms for watches.

1886: Invented the oscillating pinion for mechanical chronographs.

1887: The oscillating pinion was patented.

1895: Patented one of the first water-resistant cases for pocket watches.

1912: Began selling wristwatches for women.

1959: The Heuer Time Corporation was established as a subsidiary in the United States.

1962: John Glenn manned the first American space flight, traveling around the earth three times, wearing a Tag Heuer watch, making Tag Heuer the first Swiss watchmaker to travel in space.

1964: Jack Heuer launched the Tag Heuer Carrera, which shortly became one of the company’s bestselling watches.

1969: The world’s first chronograph with a water-resistant square case, the “Monaco” model was launched.

1980: Tag Heuer was the timekeeper of the Olympic Games in Moscow.

1982: The “2000” series was launched.

1999: The “Link” line of Tag Heuer watches was launched, becoming the most elegant watch in the world of sports watches.

2004: Tag Heuer launched the “2000 Aquaracer” watch design.

These are only a few of the many product launches and notable dates in a long line of achievements by the Tag Heuer watch making company. You can learn more about Tag Heuer watches at AuthenticWatches.com.