Why Are Watches So Expensive?

You may have looked at the price of a Cartier or Rolex watch and thought, “Why is this watch so expensive?” A lot of watches range from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, and some might fight these watches to be overpriced, but the truth is luxury watches cost a lot of money to develop and are typically designed from the finest resources found on Earth. Below are the top 5 reasons why some watches cost a lot more than others:

  1. Watches can be extremely expensive to manufacture. Many luxury watch brands use precious metals and spend endless amounts of time designing new movements and caliber. Many of these watches are pieced together by hand, and can take many months to produce.
  2. Movements aren’t cheap to develop! Many luxury brands develop their own movements which can take many months to master. A lot of time and money go into developing a movement as opposed to outsourcing for cheaper Japanese Quartz movement.
  3. Luxury brand watches are designed and manufactured by highly trained artists and watchmakers. Designing and building a watch takes a lot of time, and many watchmakers are paid a high salary.
  4. Watches are more expensive than the sum of their parts! It’s important to consider the manufacturing, design, workers, royalties, and licensing costs that go into many luxury watches. A watch may cost a lot less than the selling price, but overall the entire process of building the watch exhausts a lot of money and resources.
  5. Watches can be used as a status symbol! As petty as the concept may seem, if a person is proud of their accomplishments and wealth they want people to know how far they’ve come. Companies can produce small quantities of watches with very high price-tags, as they know a small market of people may be interested in purchasing them. The smaller the quantity of watch, the chances of the watch being designed from extremely rare materials and renowned watchmakers justifies the price tag.

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