New Collector?

We get asked all the time, “what is the best watch brand on the market?” To some, it’s the Rolex for their iconic name. For others, it’s the Omega for their reputation of deep sea diving watches. The truth is, however, that all of the brands we carry are of superior quality, and each brand has its own personality that cannot be compared to any other.

So, when it comes down to collecting watches, a newcomer might ask, where should one begin? Our suggestion is to find pieces that are either timeless, or extremely unique. As a watch collector, you will come to learn that most brands have thousands of watches in production, and you will need a trend for your collection.

Take, for example, a trend of color.  Some collectors seek a uniform style to their collection such as mother of pearl dials, or items that accent a specific color. Another trend example might be to collect one particular collection over time. Whatever trend it is that you choose, this is what will distinguish your watch collection from another.

We have compiled a list of some top pick iconic items that would be a great start for any watch collector. The best part? All of the items featured are currently in-stock.



Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster

This item is a women’s watch perfect for women

looking to enter the watch collecting scene. In

particular, what is special about this piece is that it

is a James Bond inspired item. Battery operated, this

timepiece is accurate and durable with 300 meters of

water resistance. The unidirectional rotating bezel

makes this diving watch a perfect piece for a James

Bond driven adventure.



Rolex Oyster Air-King 114200

Rolex Oyster Air-King 114200 

With a name as iconic as Rolex, you really cannot go

wrong with a starting a collection with a Rolex. Any

Rolex can be seen as an investment, which makes the

brand ideal for watch collectors who are interested in

the business aspect of collecting luxury items. This

item has a classic feel with an elegant, contemporary

design and the quality of Rolex overall means that you

can trust the item will be functioning years down the line.



Breitling Chronospace Military M7836622/BD39-105W

Breitling Chronospace Military M7836622/BD39-105W

Best known for their innovative designs, having at

least one Breitling is a must for any watch

collection. This particular piece has intricate

designs with a battery operated movement. The

green strap is loved by most but owned by few.

Being a military piece, this limited edition GMT

item is perfect for a trend of items designed for the

military industrial complex.