Welcome to the AW Blog!

We are a watch company that assists thousands of individuals every year with their watch buying needs. At great prices, you might wonder who we are and what our story is. We don’t blame you. Here are a few facts about our company that should ease your heart and fears right into that new Breitling or Omega you’ve been eyeing for so long!

Five Reasons We Know You’ll Love Us

1. We are not an authorized dealer of the brands that we carry. Rather, we purchase in bulkfrom authorized dealers. They give us  new and authentic watches at a great price and we forward the discounts over to you!

2. We work on very low margins, meaning, profit off of individual pieces is not our greatest concern. We are        driven by selling in quantity as opposed to dealers who are driven by profit off of individual items. That being              said, this gives us a deeper reason to give you deeper discounts. You will never see our company mark up a                    piece to increase profits like many dealers will do.

3. Our home base is in the sunny state of California in Ventura County. Why does this matter? Because if you’re not in California –you don’t have to pay sales tax– and let’s be honest, that’s another reason you will love our company. Even if you do live in California, our sales tax rate in Ventura Country is 7.5%, so you still win! Our sales tax rate is lower in this county than in Los Angeles or other highly populated areas of the state, so you’ll still save when buying from us.

    4. Are you an international client? No worries! We ship just about anywhere in the world (really, anywhere that FedEx will allow us to) and we can always find a way to fulfill your order.
    5. If you can’t trust us from what we tell you, trust what other consumers have to say. AuthenticWatches.com has been reviewed time and time again by previous customers, and we encourage you to read those review. See us at the links below, and feel free to call or email us with any questions!

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