Trust comes with time, and we’ve been here since 1979.

We get asked every day: “How do you do it?” Let us explain: 

We are not an authorized dealers and we are not bound to manufacturer
retail prices. As such, we can sell our watches at significant discounts that
we calculate per the cost of the watch for us from the authorized dealers
we purchase from. All of our watches are brand new and 100% authentic,
proven by their origin of authorized dealers. Authorized dealers have
anywhere from a 30 – 70% markup on their watches, which they do in
order to compensate for their small volume of sales. Our company, on
the other hand, purchases and sells items in an enormous volume at heavy
discounts. We are currently the largest watch-only web-based retailer in the
world and sell our items at small margins, which is how our prices are so

It is the volume of sales which drives profitability, not a markup on any given watch.