The Man Behind Breitling

His name was Leon Breitling, and we have him to thank for a number of stupendous watches that have grasped the attention of watch enthusiasts all over the world.

Breitling’s ambition was to develop the highest quality chronographs and timers on the market. With his focus being time pieces functional for sports, the automobile industry, and aviation, precision and durability were of utmost importance.

The story of Leon Breitling as a Swiss watch maker has exceeded his dreams, and his last name has emerged as a legend in the industry.

The Legend of Breitling Continues

1915 ~ The Wrist Chronograph & First Independent Chronograph Push-Piece

1923 ~ Independent Start/Stop Function and Resetting Function

1934 ~ Creation of the Second Independent Reset Push-Piece

1969 ~ Creation of the First Self-Winding Chronograph

1984 ~ Creation of the Chronomat

2009 ~ Watches begin development and production from start to finish in the Breitling workshops

Despite any level of competition that enters the market, Breitling is consistently ranked as a top notch manufacturer that produces high quality and innovative time pieces. With the advancement of the company  in the precision of their instruments, Breitling has been sourced to accompany other high end markets in product development. Notable collaborations include Breitling for Bentley and the Breitling Jet Team.