Welcoming Panerai

Behind every great watch company is a great story, and Panerai is no exception.



Founded in the midst of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, Panerai has been a growing and idolized company since 1860. The specialty of this distinguished brand is in the creativity, technical craftsmanship, and timeless designs that have been presented since the opening of the first work shop.

Unique about Panerai versus other brands is the lengthy, two century long bond between the company and its dedication to serving the Italian navy. It was this bond between the Italian Royal Navy and Panerai that led to the development of luminosity dials of sighting devices, created with the intention of assisting the sailors in their night travels.

The military obsession did not end with the navy. Always inspired to be innovators, Panerai introduced the world’s first underwater military timepiece. This underwater piece featured the newly developed radium-based power luminosity that had been provided for the navy. With the most durable underwater pieces of the era, Panerai’s legend continued to prosper. Of equal importance is the fact that style was never compromised with functionality.

With continued developments, Panerai released the first collection of its own in 1993. To this day, the success of the company has been growing. However, the roots of the business had never been forgotten. In 2001, the company visited its original location and tied the past into the present to move forward into the future.

A marriage of beauty of quality, Panerai is a stand-alone watch brand. Through its focus on design, innovation, and passion, this Italian-rooted company continues to manufacture masterful products that demand respect and admiration.