MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec 109996: The Classic Avant-Garde Watch

The MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec 109996 automatic chronograph timepiece is one of Montblanc’s tributes to the inventor of the first patented chronograph in 1821. While the inspiration for the MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec collection comes from the early days of watchmaking, this watch features several additional complications that complement its classical appearance.

This timepiece is equipped with a monopusher, a column-wheel and vertical disc coupling, and an innovative minute display that uses rotating discs to show elapsed seconds and minutes.  Accompanying this modern design, the MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec 109996 is equipped with a GMT second time-zone feature. The second time zone is easily legible as the discs rotate to show the luminous hands displaying time in the primary time zone, while a skeletonized hand is used to display the hour in the second time zone.

The MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec 109996 has a 41mm polished steel case with a matching bracelet, and is powered by the caliber MB R200 self-winding automatic movement.  This timepiece also features a modern day-to-night display for the second time zone and a rapid-reset mechanism for the hour hand.

The MontBlanc Nicolas Rieussec collection is sought after by watch history enthusiasts and collectors alike. The modern complications combined with the classic Rieussec-inspired chronograph makes this timepiece a must-have timepiece.

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