Five Celebrities Who Love Watches

Been to Baselworld, SIHH? Subscribe to the great watch news outlets like and Haute Time? You might be surprised to find a few big name celebrities that share a common interest with you. They might even provide friendly competition to your watch collection. Below is a list of five celebrities closely connected to the world Read more about Five Celebrities Who Love Watches[…]

Modern Clocks: A Study in the Evolution of Time

How long have humans been telling time? While modern clocks didn’t first appear until the 14th century, man has shown an understanding and appreciation of time since his first moments on Earth. As the world evolves, technology has expanded to provide us with more efficient methods of knowing the hour, but it wasn’t always easy, Read more about Modern Clocks: A Study in the Evolution of Time[…]

Soldiers: The “Real” Inventors of the Modern Wristwatch

Where does the wristwatch come from? Throughout the years, clocks have been made for classrooms, office cubicles and even televisions and VCRs because we have a natural desire to tell time. An employee checks the clock to see if his lunch break is drawing near. A mother might check the clock to see if that Read more about Soldiers: The “Real” Inventors of the Modern Wristwatch[…]

Top Ten Splashes of SIHH 2016

Every year, some of the biggest names in Swiss watchmaking gather in Geneva to preview their big releases for the coming year. Now that this year’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH) has come to a close, we are delighted to fill you in on some of the action you might have missed. As Read more about Top Ten Splashes of SIHH 2016[…]